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One more thing that might make you interested about Japanese Dolls is that it can have some artificial intelligence as well. That artificial intelligence of dolls can increase your pleasure by various things, including moaning, squeezing and similar other things. Also, these modern day dolls comes with many tools and sex toys inbuilt in it that allows you to have the best pleasure. In order to have all these pleasure or experience, you only need to order one of the Japanese Dolls for yourself. And once you get it, then you can use it, you can play with it and you can have fantastic experience and joy with utmost simplicity.

Sasa just makes me horny,she has slut written all over her. Sasa’s big breasts are amazing very realistic and she is super soft all over.She’s incredible you wont be disappointed with this one she is our best seller by far.
She has a very pretty face, beautiful soft hands and feet that are manicured with wires in hands for flexibility with her full metal skeleton.You can choose from a solid vagina and solid anus or removable vagina and anus.

Neck circumference:26cm
Arm length:36cm
Palm length:17cm
Medial thigh length:64cm
Thigh length:24cm
Calf length:40cm
Foot long:18cm
Thigh circumference:38cm
Calf circumference:26cm
Shoulder width:34cm
On the chest:74cm
The waist:54cm
Package size:135*45*30cm


silicone sex doll

These life-sized sex toys are made specifically to look and feel like human beings. Their skin is made of silicone which gives it a human feel and makes it the most realistic that it possibly can be. These dolls are equipped with body parts that can be moved and adjusted to accommodate any position. Some body parts are made to be detachable for more convenient use including the labia and other sexual organs. The hair can be switched out to change the look of the doll. It has PVC bones and steel joints which gives the doll the ability to pose in any position a human could.


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