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Real Dolls Real Life Dolls Adult Sex Dolls – Sherry 145cm


Product Description

Until few years back, men had very few options in term of sex toys. They had only some dolls that never dolls that did not look real ever nor it was a pleasurable experience for men to get sexy fun with those dolls. However, things are completely different now and these days you can easily find real dolls as your sex toys. And when we say real dolls then it means dolls that would look like a real girl, and it would give you pleasure as well that you can expect from a real female partner.

Thanks to the technological advancement, modern day real dolls look as real as it can be. When you touch it then you get the silky smooth feeling that you always expect from a girl. Also, these dolls come in various shapes and you can choose one accordingly. If you want to get intimate with a skinny partner, you can choose the shape accordingly. If you are interested in a busty partner, you will have that freedom also in your selection. So, you can choose a partner accordingly and you can have fun with real dolls easily.

Sherry is a timid woman, she wants someone to love her. She has a beautiful long hair, love the wind blew her long hair, make hair flying. Her light brown eyes flashed a playful glow. Her delicate facial features look like a doll.

Height: 145cm
Net length(Heel to neck):130cm
Hand length:62cm
Thigh length:79cm
Medial thigh length: 69cm
Under bust: 60cm
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal hole: 17cm
Oral cavity depth: 13cm
Foot length:20.5cm
Shoe size:35cm
Underwear Size:32E

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