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Real Sex Dolls have come of age. The first doll was carved out of ivory. The maker of the doll admired his craftsmanship that he bathed her, fed her, slept with her, and put her to the use of what would today become known as real doll. These dolls vary in shape, color and price, reflecting the entire quality of the doll. The cheaper ones are made out of welded vinyl and are inflated for more pleasure. They are the most popular sex dolls and can be obtained in most high street shops.

There are also those that are made from heavier latex. These are pricier than those made out of welded vinyl. They bear the same resemblance to a mannequin and come with moulded glass eyes, hands and feet, and wigs as well. Some of these love dolls contain water-filled breasts and buttocks. The best thing about these dolls is that they can be personalized with varying attires, make up and wigs to your own taste.

Dolls at the top end of the price range are made of high quality silicone or TPE, with a metal skeleton inside that make them well articulated. These are the modern generation of real dolls and are more life-like. Most of these dolls give a wonderful sexual experience, making them the most sought after dolls on the market. What sets these dolls apart from other dolls is that they can be modelled on real men and women. Some can even be custom made to look like real celebrities.

In conclusion, it is essential that these toys are used properly. Real Sex Dolls are designed to be used as they are. But men with sensitive tools may find that the orifices might cause excessive friction for their tools. If you have a sensitive tool, be sure to use a lubricant during the sexual play and a penis health cream afterwards.

Net length(Heel to neck):140cm
The waist:60.5cm
Under bust:68cm
On the chest:85.5cm
Shoulder width:36cm
Thigh circumference:41cm
Calf circumference:27.5cm
Lower body (heel to waist):94cm
Medial thigh length:76cm
Calf length:43cm
Arm length:66cm
Palm length:16.5cm
Foot length:21.5cm

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