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When we talk about the real dolls, then many people consider this as a non-pleasurable option. They may have their own set of reasons to have this opinion. It is also possible that they may have this opinion because of previous experiences that were not very good at that time. However, things are completely different now and in present time you can get real dolls that give real pleasure to you. In last few years things changed completely and thanks to advance technology you get dolls that look as real as a girl can look.

The modern day real dolls can have a shape of a perfect woman that can excite you in a great way. Also, these dolls will not only look like a real girl, but they would give the same kind of feelings as well to you. Now a day’s manufacturers use only those materials to make these dolls that mimic the flesh and skin of the human. That means when you will touch a doll, then its skin will be like a real girl and if you would press her boobs or hips, then you will feel like you are doing it with a real girl.

This is not the only thing that real dolls can do for you, but many of them can actually mimic the feeling of a real girl as well. Indeed, they are not very smart till this time but in coming day they will have capabilities to understand your emotions as well. And if we talk about the current time then many of these real dolls can make moaning sound and similar things that give pleasure to you. So, if you want to have sexual pleasure and you don’t have any partner, then you can choose real dolls and you can have that pleasure for sure.

Amy is a beautiful woman. She has a perfect figure, her fair skin is a person who can’t help but want to kiss her and caress her. Her breasts are perfect, and you can’t help but want to touch. You can have her, let her accompany you, let you alone enjoy.

• Height: 3ft 3in (100cm)
• Weight: 26.5lbs (12kg)
• Chest: 24in (63cm) or 22in (56cm)
• Waist: 15in (38cm)
• Hip: 23in (60cm)
• Vaginal depth: 6in (16cm)
• Anal hole : 5.9in (15cm)
• Oral cavity depth: 4in (11cm)
• Material : Silicone
• Skeleton : Steel frame

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