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These real dolls are made specifically to look and feel like human beings. Their skin is made of silicone which gives it a human feel and makes it the most realistic that it possibly can be. These dolls are equipped with body parts that can be moved and adjusted to accommodate any position. Some body parts are made to be detachable for more convenient use including the labia and other sexual organs. The hair can be switched out to change the look of the doll. It has PVC bones and steel joints which gives the doll the ability to pose in any position a human could.

With the price sitting at around $6000 dollars a pop, these dolls are no cheap date. However for certain people this price is worth the company these dolls provide. These people are not primarily people who don’t have a partner. Some couples have purchased these dolls in an attempt to spice up their marriage or relationship. People who own real dolls enjoy using them as aid in masturbation. Sometimes the preparation includes dressing the doll, doing it’s makeup, or warming it using a heating blanket, bath, or shower. Transgender dolls are also available for purchase on the website.

These dolls can be purchased online where you can also fully customize your doll. The website is easy to navigate and it makes it easy to customize your doll and place an order. You can choose everything from the hair color, to the eye color, to breast size and everything in between. When these are purchased they also come with a cleaning kit to ensure that your doll stays in perfect condition regardless of use. They are able to be shipped to nearly every country in the world but are mainly prevalent in the United States.

Neck circumference:33cm
Upper Breast:78cm
Under Bust Girth:57cm
Arm Length:62cm
Leg Length:82cm
Hand Girth:18.5cm
Thigh Girth:42cm
Calf Girth:27cm
Foot Length:21cm

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