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Real Dolls Adult Dolls Real Life Dolls — Kathy 125cm


Product Description

Real dolls offer an excellent solution to people who do not prefer having human beings satisfy their sexual needs. Real dolls are bought and can be used at any time one feels the need. The dolls are perfect solutions for those wishing to satisfy their sexual needs without the emotional attachment. For such people, real dolls would work best since at no any given time that the dolls get angry, require attention and so forth.

Using real dolls has many benefits, as this article will discuss.

They are free from sexual diseases

Unlike human beings, having sex with real dolls does not expose one to sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the major reasons people fear involving themselves in sexual acts with people whose status is not clearly known. Since it may sometimes be hard getting a partner and confirming their status with certainty, having sex, human beings expose one to sexually transmitted diseases.

Acquiring knowledge on different styles

For people wishing to explore and learn new styles for sex, real dolls work best. Human partners will mostly be comfortable with specific styles based on their tastes as well as body sizes. It is thus hard to explore new styles especially if they do not work well for the partner. With a real doll, you have the freedom to manipulate its posture as much as you want.

No fear of pregnancy

The fear that your partner will get pregnant is among the major factors hindering sexual satisfaction. In cases where you are not ready for a child, real dolls are excellent options. They do not get pregnant and as such, you can have sex until your sexual needs are satisfied.

No emotions attached

Real dolls work best for the people who want to enjoy sex without involving their emotions. If you are not willing to start any relationship, real dolls will be a perfect solution for you.

Kathy is a lovely girl. If you take her home, please prepare the pink blue dress for her. She is very fond of pink and blue skirt, she has a wheat colored skin looks so healthy, dark hair can be draped over the shoulders, collocation’s delicate face, looks so cute.

Material : Silicone TPE
• Height : 4ft 1in (125cm)
• Weight : 44lbs (20kg)
• Oral sex
• Vaginal sex
• Anal sex
• Wig can be changed at any time
• Hair color customizable
• Eye color customizable

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